High-temperature technology – Refractory

From ISO 9001 certified production in Austria we offer the following product groups:

  • Fibreboards: Ceramic fibre (ASW/RCF), Alkaline earth / silicate fibre (AES), Polycrystallinefibre (PCW), Vermiculite boards, Calcium silicate fibre boards, Microporous boards, Micasheets and boards (phlogopite and muscovite)
  • Modules and Anchors: modules made from ASW/RCF, AES and PCW fibre, accessories and mounting parts such as pins and anchors, etc.
  • Textile Fibre Products: packings – ropes – tapes – hoses – fabrics, technical insulation products, as well as coated fabrics (e.g. coatings for cut and wear protection, reflection, tightness…) made of aramid, glass, ceramic (ASW/RCF) or alkaline earth silicate fibre (AES).
  • Rolls, Sheets and Stripes: Papers, wetlaid/nonwoven, mats (needled insulation) and felts made of ceramic fibre (ASW/RCF), alkaline earth silicate fibre (AES), glass fibre, aramid fibre
  • CNC machined insulation parts, Pressed and vacuumformed parts: All materials listed can be customised by CNC milling – vacuum forming, water jet cutting – plotting, punching – sewing or extruding – pressing.
  • Technical Insulation and protection equipment: Welding protection blankets, technical insulation systems for energy efficiency optimisation, curtains, covers, removeable hoses, expansion joints, multitube bellows, seperators…
  • Vermiculite
  • Hightemperatur Sealants, Adhesives, Coatings

Based on your requirements and specifications, such as required quantities, classification temperature, density, fibre specification (ceramic / bio) or dimensions, we will be happy to provide you with a quotation. Furthermore, we offer in-depth discussion and consultation with our experts from the technical department.

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