Swedish Exergy Dryer Technologies

PRAGMA Technik GmbH represents Swedish Exergy AB and its innovative and highly efficient Dryer Technologies within the geographical markets Austria and Germany.

The ExergyPSSD® technology was invented at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden, in the late 1970’. The first dryer was delivered in 1979. Since then, over 100 drying systems were delivered globally.

Swedish Exergy AB is a global supplier of turnkey drying systems. We offer complete engineering, turnkey delivery, design and consultancy services.

We analyze our customers’ needs to provide effective drying process that leads to a sustainable and cost-effective complete solution with high productivity and energy efficiency.

Industrial Applications

  • Pulp & Paper
  • Sludge Treatment
  • Biomass – Pellets Industry
  • (Bio)-Ethanol Industry -DDGS
  • Agro & Food Industry
  • Animal Feed Production

Dryer Technologies

Exergy Superheated Steam dryer (Exergy PSSD®)

The ExergyPSSD® is a closed, pressurized system where the wet product is exposed to superheated steam. The steam serves as a transport gas for the product in the dryer. The dryer is an indirect contact dryer, meaning multiple heating medias – such as flue gas, steam or thermal oil – can be used. Dried product and superheated steam are separated in a cyclone and the steam is recirculated. Typical residence time for the product is 10 seconds in the steam dryer

Drying is one of the most energy demanding stages in all industries, but with Swedish Exergy steam drying the water that is removed from the wet product is turned into steam thus allowing 95% of the energy input to be recycled.

ExergyPSSD® convinces by:

  • Low operating costs: 150 kWh/to evaporated water – energy saving
  • Few rotating parts
  • High availability and low maintenance cost
  • Small foot print, build on height – save on land
  • No emission to atmosphere – no VOC or odor treatment required
  • Oxygen free – no fire or explosion protection systems needed
  • PSSD provides more than just drying: Value added final product (sterilised, aroma recovery, homogeneity, fibre structure)!

Exergy Air Stream Dryer (Exergy ASD®)

Exergy ASD® is a semi-closed, low temperature dryer designed as stand-alone dryer or as a pre-dryer together with Superheated Steam Dryer (ExergyPSSD®) for two stage drying. The drying air is indirectly heated in a heat exchanger using heating media such as low pressure steam, flue gases, hot water etc.

Wet product is fed into the dryer via an air lock. The product is transported and dried in specially designed drying conduits and separated in an ultra-high efficiency cyclone or bag filter. The dried product is discharged from the bottom of the cyclone/bag filter through an air-lock. Part of the drying air can be recirculated back to the air heater to minimize drying energy need.

Furthermore, we do have Swedish Exergy’s additional dryer technologies such as Exergy Bed Dryer, Exergy Flue Gas Dryer, Exergy Forced Circulation Evaporator and Falling Film Evaporator Systems in our portfolio.

Our Service and Offer

Together with the specialists at Swedish Exergy, we analyse our customers’ needs in order to offer an effective drying process that results in a sustainable and cost-effective complete solution with high productivity and energy efficiency.

You will receive a tailor-made dehydration solution that will reduce carbon footprint, production cost, water usage and energy waste, all while increasing the production safety, reliability and maximize profits.

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